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An easier way to buy wholesale hats and caps.

  • Brands with High Sell-Through

    We carry 150 year old brands like Stetson for your heritage customer and freshly launched brands like Makai for early adopters.

  • $300 Minimum & Net 30

    Discover your store’s next best seller without having to invest in thousands of units. Our opening order is $300 and we offer credit.

  • Deeply Discounted Freight

    We offer freight through FedEx that’s up to 40% off published rates so you keep more profit in your register.

Man wearing a denim jacket with white hat in a dry field

Premium Western by Justin

Man wearing a white cowboy hat and levi jacket looking downward in contemplation

Western by Larry Mahan

Man with a bushy black beard wearing a blue hat leaning forward

Dress Capsule by Biltmore

Woman wearing a pink hat the holding handle bars of her bike

Garden Collection by Scala

Man wearing a blue pull-string hat and red shirt looking downwards

Hiking Collection by Dorfman

Spring and summer 2023 catalog covers

Spring / Summer 2023 Catalogs

As the warmer temperatures emerge, be sure to stock your shop with the finest panama and raffia hats. See our complete collections of designer brands on our catalog page.

Fall and winter 2022 catalog covers

Fall / Winter 2022 Catalogs

Our latest catalogs are fresh off the press! Get a sneak peak of the designer hat trends across all our brands on our catalog page.

+100 Years with Dorfman Milano

Our History

Since 1921 we have strived to support our hat community by offering quality, handmade headwear across our national brands.

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Our Community

Our millinery community is fostered by our local shops that display our creations and customers who wear them with distinction.

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Sustainable Future

We take pride that our home office and distribution center is powered using solar energy to help reduce our carbon footprint.