Private Label Hats & Caps

Work with our world-class designers to put your brand on the perfect hat.

We source the finest fabrics and materials from all parts of the globe, combining them with century old hand workmanship to deliver quality headwear at a fair price. We have over 100 years of experience hand crafting hats. We execute both small and national retalier programs in our state of the art factories and distribution centers.

Speed to Market

We understand the faster we can manufacture your product the sooner you can create happy customers and turn a profit. Our global presence allows us to match the best factory to most sufficiently manufacture and ship your product quickly to market.

Woman trimming a ribbon band that goes around hats
Steam coming off of a red hat in a hat factory

Quality Guarantee

We want to earn your business not once, but time and time again. That’s why we offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee if the product isn’t made to your liking.

Performance Materials

We source quality materials from all around the globe to deliver the precise look and feel to best represent your brand. We offer workmanship guarantees if the product isn't made to your liking. Our sourcing prowess gives you endless possibilities and a competitive edge

A stack of tan wool hats pressed into a conical shape

Featured Materials

We craft our handmade headwear from three main fibers: straw, felt, and cotton. Each material offers unique advantages such as packability, warmth, durability, and style.

Cotton hat


High-performance weathered cotton with a water repellent finish.

Felt hat


Packable, four season felts designed for the outdoors and fashionable occassions.

Straw hat


Lightweight panamas and raffia are the perfect beach companion.

Highlighted Enhancements

We offer customizable options to suite all of your needs: custom shape, body, and other components.

Custom Tip Sticker

Elevate your branding by adding a custom tip sticker or logo to the inside of every hat.

A gold and black tip sticker inside of a white Biltmore hat

Stamped Interior Sweat Band

Customize your hat by stamping the interior sweat band with your logo or badge.

A blue hat with an interior shot of the sweatband with the word Scala written on it

Stages of Work


Design & Styling

Work 1:1 with a headwear designer that’s knowledgeable in fabrics, color swatches, sweatbands, tip stickers, to craft the perfect hat line.

Tan colored hats on a manufacturing line getting prepared for steaming


Blocking & Steaming

Our manufacturing team takes the raw materials and using pressure/steam blocks the hat into your desired shape.

A brown hat having a sewing machine attach the dark colored band above the brim


Sewing & Trimming

Once blocking is complete, our craftsman sew the interior sweat and exterior trim to the hat, attaching any feathers and trims.

Three colorful hats stacked on top of each other on top of a red box


Packaging & Shipment

To maximize sell-through we attach custom hangtags/polybags and put the completed styles on a truck to arrive at your store.

Brands We've Worked With

Tommy Bahama
Boot Barn

Interested in learning more and talking to one of our designers?