For so long, people thought Dorfman was about selling hats. But really, we’re about our hat community. You see a hat is just an accessory, but our millinery community is fostered by the artisans that hand make our hats, local shops that display our creations, and our customers’ stories who wear them with distinction. This is coupled with our relentless commitment to service instilled by our founder, Jack Dorfman. Fashion trends are in a constant state of motion, but happy retail partners and valued customers are a constant for us.

Man wearing a light brown hat with dark brim and pink shirt against a fence draped in leaves

Woman wearing a light blue shirt and hat while pulling down on the brim


Scala is a brand that has established itself as a trendsetting sartorial maven. Their hats may even be so delicately created as to be considered an inspiration. For men, Scala invokes the long-forgotten hap tip, the holding car doors open and the extended forearm for a companion stepping out of a car. For women, Scala helps every wearer exude beauty and showcase her unique fashion sense with aplomb. Since 1988, Scala has combined style with function, to keep wearers’ fashion identities well ahead of the coming trends.

A casual shopper looking for anything from a fedora to safari hats to outback hats and round crowns and even big brim hats to shade one from the sun can find what they desire with Scala. For Scala, it is not just about hats; it is a lifestyle brand wrought from the inspiration of a time when a men’s dress hat was a wardrobe staple. Despite Scala’s harkening back to a different era, its pieces showcase the evolution of headwear. The result of the tried and tested approach is a line of products that is classic yet fresh. It is clear that the bygone infusion in Scala’s hats will endure and their hat styles will offer their vintage feel while still maintaining a modern silhouette.

Man wearing a rosy red top hat and blue suit looking downwards

Man wearing a tan hat with black band looking down at the sand on the beach

Man wearing a light tan hat with dark brim and a pink suit and light blue shirt while sitting near some tables

A happy woman wearing an orange shirt and brown bucket hat


The beauty of a Scala hat is that it can be worn for any occasion. Dress hats, casual caps — Scala is even perfect for a beach day. You can bring your Scala on a business trip or a vacation, to a celebration or to a quiet cocktail meeting. Scala will ensure you truly grace others with your presence if the occasion requires it, and it will make doubly sure that you can dress yourself down if the moment requires it.

So find your own Scala and its natural fibers, its attractive but durable veneer. Whether you crave a new style or an upgrade to your own, Scala’s hat styles will help you put together an ensemble that will surely make you the center of whatever attention it is you seek. Please, seek no longer. Do your utmost to make sure a Scala finds its way into your hands and onto your head. You will thank yourself now, you will thank yourself when you look into the mirror, and you will thank yourself later.

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