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A Century of Hat Making Experience.

Founded in 1921 by Jack Dorfman and Arthur Hyman, Dorfman Milano was born to support the growing headwear industry. The original formula was straightforward, Jack manufactured the hats and Arthur sold them. In the beginning all hats and caps were crafted by hand from our first headquarters in Oakland, California. Our business expanded rapidly in the 1950’s as demand for headwear matured and more of our hats were featured in department stores and neighborhood shops.

We take pride that our brands have graced the heads of celebrities such as Bruno Mars, George Clooney, and Toby Keith over the decades and it’s not uncommon to spot one of our sartorial masterpieces complementing stars wardrobes at award shows.


At the turn of the 21st century, we wanted to expand our product portfolio into western headwear and acquired the Milano Hat Company in 2005. Known for manufacturing the finest western hats on the market, Dorfman Milano still maintains the preeminent USA hat manufacturing facility to this day in Garland, Texas.

Today, our team continues to be thankful for hat and cap lovers everywhere. A hat may just be an accessory to some people, but our millinery community is fostered by the artisans that hand make our hats and our customers’ stories who wear them with distinction.

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Dorfman Milano is powered by an eclectic team of product designers, merchandisers, sales associates, and folks that love hats. We maintain offices in Garland, Texas and Stockton, California, but also have a robust set of team members working remotely throughout the USA.

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It is our responsibility as a company to focus on reducing our impact on the earth. Dorfman Milano has launched several projects such as saving our forests with our eCatalogs, conserving energy with our solar powered distribution facility and saving water by installing a waterless restroom system in our facility.

We have even launched an organic line of hats that is completely natural, from the cotton and raffia bodies to the clay used to dye them.


We have donated over $3 million dollars to charities worldwide. We are especially passionate above giving back to our local communities in Stockton, CA and Garland, TX.

We have teamed up with food banks and schools to donate hats, gloves, and scarves to families in need. We have had incredible success partnering with the United Way to help underprivileged members of our community.

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We have been fortunate to be supported by a network of incredible customers for over 100 years. We pride ourselves in helping stock our neighborhood stores with trendsetting hat brands as well as partnering with national retailers on larger, multi-store programs.

We strive to continuously pivot to keep pace with our customers' headwear needs, while keeping our commitment to customer service, product quality, and competitive prices.

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