We Love Making Great Hats

Our hats are shaped by artisans using handmade craftsmanship techniques passed down over 100 years ago.

Our Manufacturing Center in Garland, Texas

We’ve been handmaking premium headwear since 1983 in our Garland, Texas factory. Techniques inspired by Italian craftsmanship, passed down over generations make hats produced in this factory the standard of quality headwear. All hats are fabricated from rich materials with classic styling ensuring they always look good. We use exclusive hat blocks, weave patterns, genuine leather bands, and special finishes on all products manufactured in this heritage facility.

We manufacture hats for a range of brands from luxury to core price points across the globe.

Luxury craftsman

Hats manufactured in our USA facility in Garland, Texas are produced at the highest caliber from globally sourced materials. We proudly transform the finest fur felts and marino wools into exquisite designer hats.

Dorfman Milano building in Garland, Texas
White cowboy hats resting on a rack after getting pressed into shape

Premium mid-point

Centuries of tradition go into every hat we produce in our Mexico facility. Specialized materials such as artisian palm fibers and soft wool felts are examples of materials we utilize in our manufacturing process.

Core & Value

We have manufacturing facilities throughout Asia that offer compelling price points.

Heavy machinery made for creating hats with steam rising from a vent in the center

Featured Materials

We craft our handmade headwear from three main fibers: straw, felt, and cotton. Each material offers unique advantages such as packability, warmth, durability, and style.

Cotton hat


High-performance weathered cotton with a water repellent finish.

Felt hat


Packable, four season felts designed for the outdoors and fashionable occassions.

Straw hat


Lightweight panamas and raffia are the perfect beach companion.

Our Strategic Process

  • Ideation

    One of our product designers will collaborate with you to curate a headwear collection that fits your brand story.

  • Design

    Our designers will compile notes from the onboarding meeting and begin drawing digital designs.

  • Sample

    After exchanging several digital drawings our product development team will craft product samples for your team to review.

  • Cut & Block

    After you approve samples, our production teams will begin cutting the materials and steaming the fabric on our custom hat blocks.

  • Finish

    Once blocking is complete, our production team will sew in branded labels and finish the trim.

  • Delivery

    Depending on the location of our factory it will take between 14-45 days for finished product to be shipped to your store or DC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum order quantities can range from 48 to 288 pieces (per size/color) depending on the style and materials we use to make your hats.
We have manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Depending on the location lead times will range from 60 to 120 days from the time we have finalized the design and approved the sample.
Yes! We have showrooms in New York and Dallas that you can visit and try on all our hats.

We are excited to partner with you!