Since 1866, The Greek Fisherman’s Cap has been handmade in an ancient town outside Athens, Greece. For the past 27 years, we have been bringing the caps over to San Francisco and supplying our customers in North America. This is all we do, so we do it very well!


Since 1886, Aegean has been purveyor of authentic Greek fisherman caps. The Greek fisherman’s hat is a hat style that is perhaps one of the most iconic around the globe. Aegean carefully crafts its caps with a quality found only among the original makers of the headwear, nestled in an old, European town on the outskirts of Athens. Aegean’s Greek fisherman’s caps transport the wearer to warm, sunny skies that glance off the water like the hull of a boat pulling out to sea. The selections from Aegean show an acute attention to maintaining traditional detailing and precision millinery that has made the hat style a world-renowned fashion.

Three rows of Aegean hats displayed on hat blocks on a wooden shelf

A stack of 5 Aegean hats displayed on a hat block on a wooden desk


Aegean’s fisherman caps and the wistful visions they invoke are not simply artifacts of the mind; they are some of most sought after hats in the western hemisphere. And they are not suited only for ocean voyages — their intricate designs bring a quiet confidence to any outfit whether on land or at sea.

Occasionally, you encounter a piece of clothing or hat so exquisite it can convey you to a distant land, a faraway place. It can make you daydream of vaulted streets along cliffs above the ocean and waterfront walkways lined with cobblestones. No other hat maker in the world can whisk you away to the picturesque Mediterranean villas over vibrant blue water quite like Aegean.

Greek fisherman caps have long represented the sailing world since the turn of the 20th century. Their instantly recognizable silhouette is the feature of sailors and of the everyday man and woman all around the world to this day. While their origins symbolize the sailing world, fashionable consumers today recognize the subtle brilliance these pieces can bring even to a more modern wardrobe. They even come as a large size hat, for the heartiest of fishermen among us.

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